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Here's what you've been looking for, the Dancing Baby screen saver! It's a program for Windows (sorry, no mac version right now) that works just like any other screen saver and, when used, has the baby dancing on various parts of your screen to the song "YMCA" by the Village People. It is a zipped file about two megabytes in size. A zipped file is a file (or even many files in one) that has been shrunk down, and must be unshrunk (or, "unzipped") before it can be used. To unzip this file, you'll need an unzipping program such as "WinZip," which you'll find at Winzip. Once you install that program, then simply open up the baby zip file, and once you've unzipped it, run the "Setup" program to install the screensaver! You can then access it in the "Display" section of your Windows Control Panel. So, without further ado, here it is...



This six-megabyte version features the baby dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove." It's hilarious! There is about a fifteen second music intro, then the baby begins. A large file, but well worth the d/l time. The file will play right in your browser provided you have Quicktime Software. If you don't have it, click here.

TO VIEW THIS BABY, CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW (if one button doesn't work, try another): LOCATION 1 Note: To save this file to your hard drive, click on the button above with the RIGHT mouse button (if you're using a mac, click on the link and hold the button down), and a menu will come up. From that menu choose "Save Link As..." This will allow you to download the file onto your hard drive. You can also do this by choosing "save as" from the "file" once the movie has fully loaded.



This file is an extended version of Babygroove. It is longer, larger (about 10 megs in size, so it's a long download), and features some new effects. The baby dances twice, to the same music as babygroove (earth, wind & fire's "let's groove"). View this file with Quicktime software, if you don't have it, click here! Quicktime.

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